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Work with friendly and highly qualified, experienced engineers who will help find the right sound for you thanks to an intimate knowledge of our gear and features of the studios

Aesthetically and acoustically designed with comfort in mind, our studios will inspire your creativity and help create the ultimate recording experience. Our selection of vintage drum kits and roster of drummers enables us to record rock, pop, jazz and blues drum tracks. With our great sounding room for drum tracking and the selection of microphones as well as drums including MCH custom make a wide range of sound possible.

Studio F
Studio F

Perfect for independent artists and producers looking for professional recordings for affordable rates  e.g vocal recording over backing tracks, singer songwriters, demoing

Work with one of our skilled and proficient assistant engineers. We maintain a network of session musicians that you can hire, contingent on their availability. If you wish to book studio musicians, contact Studio F in advance with enough lead time to enable us to discuss your specific needs, make recommendations, and schedule sessions. Studio F offers arranging, pre production, and production services. This is on a project basis and we will match you with the right producer if available in our small but growing roster. Please contact us for more information. For those who have existing tracks that either need guide vocals or polished final vocals for commercial release. Our meticulous and uncompromising approach to vocal tracking, expertise and collection of world-class mics and outboard enables us to work quickly to achieve a high-quality sound. Our studios are packed with the very best recording equipment available. We have gorgeous vintage mics, a world-class signal chain for vocals, as well as high-quality outboard gear and an extensive library of plug-ins.

Contact us to present you all the options you have to get the studio services.


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Studio F
High Quality Custom Snares
Studio F

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