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Acoustic Classical Electric Electroacoustic Guitars. Find everything you need for a guitar strings of accessories service belts and fault repairs. Repairs to lyres, lute, mandolin, baglamadakia, bouzouki, sazi all classical  and traditional instruments. Repair and replacement of broken or damaged parts of the instrument. Changes of tows, strings and alterations.


Mousikes Epiloges
Mousikes Epiloges

Repair of musical instruments, traditional instruments, guitar service, change of strings. Repairs of professional sound consoles, amplifiers mixed in Perea, Thessaloniki. In the music options workshop, maintenance is repaired, upgrading to bass guitars, classical and traditional instruments. Also repaired instrument amplifiers pedals and other cases of electronic problems and failuresIn the string section, repairs, adjustments, upgrades and conversions are performed on most types of strings instruments. Specialized technical information and support with a wide range of components and spare parts are also provided.

Behind the success, the musical family of George Adamou who since 2018 offers its services. Whether you are a professional or you play amateur for your personal fun.

Music Instruments
Reduce Cymbal Volume And Unwanted Overtones
Cympad’s Optimizers are flexible and soft with a shock absorbing effect the principle being that the washer isolates the cymbal from the hardware stand and allows it to breathe.
5 Romanou street
570 19 T.K
phone : 2392029502

Sky Gel
Sky Gel

Sky Gel Damper

Reduce Cymbal Volume And Unwanted Overtones
Gel Damper Pads
Set with 8 Pads
High quality gel damper pads for damping drum heads
Also usable for cymbals
Colour: black
Incl. transport box

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