And everything about the Dante Agostini school and method. Drum Clinic with Nicolas Papavranousis. 2 April 2023 Studio F Chiou 4 Acharnes

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Nicolas Papavranousis
Dante Agostini

Nikos Papavranousis was born in Athens 2-12-1965. He received the first prize of the school with the distinction "Unanimously and Congratulations". He also holds the C.E.S.M.A. diploma of professor at the Agostini School in Athens. He started playing drums at the age of 15 in the then populous and extremely active Greek new wave scene, after punk. Since then, he has always remained active in terms of play and pedagogy.

From Paris in 1964 to Athens in 2022, Dante Agostini, the musician who founded the first official drums school, has for years found his own home in the branch of Nikos Papavranousis. Drummer. Representative of the Dante Agostini Drum School (Paris, France) in Athens.

Dante Agostini

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