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As a researcher of the percussion and rhythms of the peoples of the world, he possesses a wide range of percussion instruments which he investigates, plays, teaches and records. Indicatively: drum set, daouli, req, pedir, touberleki, darbuka, kahon, pitchers, congas, bongos, jempe, cymbals, and a number of improvised and original percussion instruments. Having improvisation as a protogenic element in music, but also more generally as a philosophy of life, he has presented concerts, performances and recordings over the last 30 years.

Alekos Papadopoulos
Music Workshop

From the beginning of creation, the aims of our own musical workshops are:

The study, research and dissemination of contemporary and traditional music as musical currents

The enhancement of creativity and team spirit through music lessons, practical training and mutual influence.

Individual and group lessons in contemporary and traditional music. Music workshops for art, rock, and jazz music.

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Papadopoulos Alekos
Reduce Cymbal Volume And Unwanted Overtones
Made from high-density, cellular memory foam, Cympad Chromatics come in a wide selection of colors. This allows you to color coordinate your cymbals with your drum kit. Chromatics sounded the same as felts if placed under the cymbal which makes sense, as the Special Edition washers was given feel harder and denser than the Optimizers. After various combinations the best sound came from placing an Optimizer underneath the cymbal and a Chromatic on top. This also makes the cool colors of the Chromatics fully visible.

Available in Optimizer, Moderator and Chromatic Series,
Cympads are an incredible, affordable and easy to use system for optimizing the sound and performance of virtually all cymbal sizes, types and brands.Cympad Optimizer cymbal washers are made from a premium quality cellular foam material and are a major improvement over conventional felt washers. Cympad - Drum and Cymbal Accessories. Cympads are advanced drum and cymbal accessories that provide a more comfortable feel and a better sound from all drum and cymbal types, sizes and brands!

Cympad Outlast Standard Felt Washers

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