The Municipal Philharmonic Orchestra of Meteora was established in November 2015 during the mayoralty of Christos Sinanis. Its creation constitutes a special event, not only for the town of Kalambaka but also for the wider area of the Meteora municipality satisfying, thus, the demand of a lot of citizens and realizing everyone’s dream.

 The Municipal Philharmonic Orchestra of Meteora
 The Municipal Philharmonic Orchestra of Meteora

The Municipal Philharmonic Orchestra of Meteora, which consists part of the Municipal School of Music, has already had a remarkable course with numerous performances in the town of Kalambaka, participating in national and religious celebrations, as well as in cultural events. The orchestra has cooperated with the Philharmonic of the Municipal Conservatory of Larissa, with the Navy band and the youth Orchestra of Freien Christlichen Schule of Schirgiswalde of Germany, realizing the first cooperation outside Greece.

In addition, its activity expands outside the municipality of Meteora since it participates in festivals and organizations, such as the Philharmonic festival of Trikala, the Week of Music in Igoumenitsa and the Oberland Musikfest in Bauzen, Germany.

The Philharmonic consists of 25 regular members who appear in every event of our band while there are 49 probationary members who study in its classes. The band is housed in the new state-of-the-art building of the School of Music, which was constructed with the generous grant of the Holy Diocese of Stagi and Meteora.

The Philharmonic has the following classrooms:

Philharmonic Orchestra of Meteora

a) Classroom of woodwind instruments.

b) Classroom of brass instruments.

c) Classroom of percussion instruments.

d) Classroom of group rehearsals.

e) Concert hall.

f) Instrument storage room.

g) Locker room.

Available classes include:

• Woodwind instruments learning class.

• Brass instruments learning class.

• Music theory learning class.

• Percussion instruments class.

The capstone of the percussion class are the sections of:

• The drumline class.

• The precision formations department,

These sections have a competitive nature and are often the opening acts in events and concerts while they also consist a pole of attraction for listeners. Michalis Kavoulis is in charge of the percussion class, and its sections. In the immediate plans of the Philarmonic is the establishment of an international Philharmonic festival in the city of Kalambaka, in the shadow of the sacred rocks of Meteora.

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