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Rochers Ville
Rochers Ville

The new modern music store, located at 114-116 Trikala Street in Kalambaka, opened its doors to the music-loving public and not only, promising consistency and service. In a special place with innovative design you can get to know the unique products and enjoy live music.  Rochers Ville has Music Equipment, Professional Sound and Lighting Systems, Audiovisual Applications and organizes artistic events. The ambition of the owners is for the new music store to become your favorite habit.

Behind the success, the musical family of George Adamou who since 2018 offers its services. Whether you are a professional or you play amateur for your personal fun.

Rochers Ville
Reduce Cymbal Volume And Unwanted Overtones
Cympad’s Optimizers are flexible and soft with a shock absorbing effect the principle being that the washer isolates the cymbal from the hardware stand and allows it to breathe.
Trikalon street 114 - 116
422 00
phone : 2432400317

Sky Gel
Sky Gel

Sky Gel Damper

Reduce Cymbal Volume And Unwanted Overtones
Gel Damper Pads
Set with 8 Pads
High quality gel damper pads for damping drum heads
Also usable for cymbals
Colour: black
Incl. transport box

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