Drum Day

Modern Drum School in Giannitsa Pellas. Established by  Babis Mertzanis.  Percussion courses , private and group lessons at affordable prices.


Guided by the love for music, and driven by force for the best music learning in Giannitsa, Pella. We begin our musical journey by aiming higher than ever at the MDS Music Academy. With modern and alternative teaching methods, in a unique climate that cultivates a passion for music, our renowned teachers and students are experimenting in the RSL music workshop. With the cheapest prices of tuition fees in the prefecture of Pella.

The course is always adapted to the needs of the student, combining entertainment with practicality, providing him with a particularly pleasant and exciting learning experience.


Drums School

At the same time, an exercise book is presented to improve the rhythmic technique of the student on the drums.

and his preparation for his inclusion in a band in order to participate in concerts of the school.In addition, during the course, there is also practice with well-known rock songs. This is intended for practical training and learning.

Drum Lessons
The presence of percussionists in any kind of music is particularly important. The aim of the course is to make students aware of various rhythmic currents

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