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Nikolaos Portokalis was born in 1964 in Thessaloniki. At the age of 12 he began piano lessons at the Apollo School with Mr. Ioannis Tossis. The next 3 years harmonium difficult (of the time) with Mr. Constantinos Tsolodimos who was a catalyst to love music. The following year private lessons with Mr. Panagiotis Michaelides. At the age of 17, he stops taking music lessons and at the same time he teaches music, illegally of course because he had not reached adulthood.

Odeum Nea Michaniona



At the age of 21, he works as a musician in various hotel exhibition-piano bar venues, he enrolls in the Macedonian Conservatory doing Harmony with Konstantinos Sarafis-Dimitris Athanasiadis and completes his studies. At the Macedonian Conservatory he meets the amazing conductor-composer-pianist Nikos Astrinidis.  1990 he teaches specialized courses in stringing and acoustic piano (tuning-voicing-regulating) taught by Panagiotis Ioannidis and seminars with renowned European teachers Thomas (Petrof factory), Zlaten (Sofia Academy). Thus, he acquires the specialty of stringer, which he practices until today. 1992 you introduce from the Macedonian Conservatory to the Conservatory of N Michaniona



1995 and for 6 years he studied vocals with Mrs. Marantidou (M.O.Th.) Heather Heliger and the excellent Grigoris Pyrialakos.1995 he wrote a method of teaching for harmonium published by the music house Mavromoustakis and sold throughout Greece and Cyprus. 1998 he takes over as owner now the Conservatory of N.Michaniona, which was an independent conservatory (in previous years it was under the umbrella of M.O. Th.), with artistic director Mrs. Marialena Eleftheriadou

Nikos Portokalis
25 Martiou 29
570 04 T.K
Nea Michaniona
phone : 2392033402

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